Molded Medals

These variety of medals are recommended for volume orders, usually ranging from 100-500 pcs.   The logos and texts are usually embossed. These medals comes in Gold, Silver and Bronze are available.

‚ÄčCollar Pins and Name Plates 

Acrylic & Glass Medals

UV Printed Acrylic and Glass Medals  recommended for graphic and full-colored  designs.

Generic Medals

These medals do not have a minimum quantity order, so these types of medals are recommended for orders of 100 pcs and below. 

Generic Medals are ideal for rush orders.  The middle portion is left blank for an insert of event logos and texts.  The sizes  of these medals are

usuall y 2.75" inches in diameter .  We have 4 designs to choose from, Laurel, Torch, Wreath and  Tri-Star.